Protect your Web Applications in 24 Hours or less without hiring hard to find IT Security consultants or buying expensive hardware or software 
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Block Denial of Service attacks and prevent hackers from stealing your customers' sensitive data 
24 x 7, Fully Managed Web Security
Become A Security Guru - The Easy Way
Over the last ten years, I have talked with hundreds of SAAS CEOs who were vulnerable to hackers. It always comes down to the same 3 reasons:  
You are not security-aware
You don't have the right people or resources
You don't have the cash to purchase hardware, software, support contracts, etc.
Your web applications can become invincible if you have the right solution in place. It’s all about implementing the right security model and posture. 

But internet-facing and SAAS companies still mess things up. 

They waste their time on hiring hard to find, expensive security consultants and they struggle to retain them.

They end up spinning their wheels and not getting anywhere. 
Here at SNAPI Guard, we specialize in helping Internet facing and SAAS companies get secure in a very short period of time. 

  • Benefit #1: Protect your web applications without spending a fortune
  •  Benefit #2 : Set-up in 24 hours or less, 24x7 fully managed
  • Benefit #3:  Dedicated expert security consultants
  •  Benefit #4: Guaranteed SLA
  •  Benefit #5: Full reporting, debriefing available
"Protecting Your Web Apps or Web Sites Without Breaking a Sweat"
"We had invested in dedicated hardware and software but had issues recruiting, training and retaining a 24x7 security team. And the cost was prohibitive. So we ditched that broken system and made the switch to SNAPI Guard, saving over 500K in the process.  They are always here for us, day or night. It's crazy! "
Chris Conn
"We used to be the target of thousand of attacks daily. We went with SNAPI Guard to secure our web sites and applications worldwide, from Montreal to Sidney. It's been a miracle! "
Pierre Vallee
IT Director
"We had to provide DDoS Protection and Application Security due to regulations. SNAPI Guard was deployed within hours and stopped hackers the same day, adding tons of value to my 300+ hosted customers "
Marc Gagnon
"We were under pressure by our customers to ensure we were protecting the access of their web portal as well as the financial data of their brokers. SNAPI Guard was the perfect solution for us, providing us peace of mind "
Nathan Carey
"Our Ecommerce site brings 16 millions customers weekly. With that traffic comes a lot of attacks. SNAPI Guard takes care of all our security needs, we have a dedicated team that understands our business.   "
Lior Azerad
"Our SAAS platform revolutionizes trucking logistics. We take advantage of SNAPI Guard's platform in order to cover our security and regulatory requirements."

"Our internet facing applications are used by our customers in order to facilitate their online communications.  We can't afford any downtime. SNAPI Guard is here for us "
Martin Millet
"Internet is at the core of our go to market. SNAPI Guard ensures that our web applications are always safe and accessible to attract new customers.     "
Web Operations Manager
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